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Easy-Peasy Spaghetti Squash

IMG_4866 This is literally the easiest way to cook spaghetti squash. Cue a fork, a large plate, your microwave and you’re good to go. No oven. No pre-heating. None of this baking for an hour. I’ve been cooking spaghetti squash this way for a couple years and always have it on hand. You pop it in the microwave and 15-20 min later, you have perfectly cooked spaghetti squash. This is really simple to do ahead of time or whenever you have 20 min to hang out in (or near) your kitchen. Top with marinara sauce, pesto or olive oil and herbs, and you have fresh “pasta” ready to enjoy. Hope you love this easy-peasy way to cook your spaghetti squash just as much as I do.


  • 1 whole spaghetti squash, outside washed
  • Fork
  • Microwavable plate


  1. Pierce the rind of the spaghetti squash with a fork so the fork marks are about 2 inches apart.
  2. Place the spaghetti squash on a large microwavable plate. Microwave on high for 7-10 min, depending how large the squash is.
  3. Carefully (squash may be really hot!) rotate the squash 180°, so the side that was facing the plate is now facing up and vice versa.
  4. Microwaving the squash for an additional 7-10 min or until the spaghetti squash’s rind is soft to the touch to indicate it’s done.
  5. Carefully (!) remove the spaghetti squash and plate from the microwave to let cool. The squash and steam may be very hot! I cut the spaghetti squash in half lengthwise to expedite the cooling process, but again, careful of the steam!
  6. Once the squash is cool enough to touch, scrape out the seeds using a fork. Continue to “rake” the inside of the spaghetti squash lengthwise with a fork to create “spaghetti.” Dispose of the rind and seeds.
  7. Optional: season with olive oil, salt and pepper before storing. Store in a sealed container in the fridge for one week or freeze.
  8. Enjoy!

Spaghetti squash from Wallingford’s Orchard.

IMG_4864 article-inline_cme_photography.prod.demandstudios.com_a6394993-7177-4a08-bd51-134b27bf26ea

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