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Eat More Kale


Kale is absolutely lovely — savory, hearty, earthy and versatile. That large spiny stem running down the middle of it is far from wonderful; it’s an added pain. Unless your recipe calls for the spine intact, such as a quiche, this way allows you to focus on the leaves and the best part of those leafy greens. While I show this “How to” with Dinosaur Kale (as known as Tuscan Kale for its prevalence in Italian cuisine), Curly Kale works just as well. Now you can really (and easily) eat more kale.


  • Dinosaur kale, washed and dried
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife


  1. To easily remove the stem, fold kale leaves in half, so underside of the leaves are shown and the stem is exposed on one side (see pictures below — the underside will be lighter).
  2. Carefully, hold the folded kale together with one hand. With your dominant hand, take the tip or end of a sharp knife and trace of drag the point along the spine to completely separate the leaves from the spine (see pictures below).
  3. Repeat with additional leaves until you have the desired amount of kale.
  4. Enjoy your easily “despined” kale!

NOTE: the stems can be saved, chopped and added to a dish, such as a quiche. They sauté well (like zucchini) and add a different texture.


Before the spine is removed


Kale leaves folded in half to expose the spine


Cut between the spine and leaves to fully remove the spine in one easy step!

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