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Addicted to Avocados


Have you ever gone to the market or grocery store and think you’ve stumbled upon the most perfect avocado? You obviously gave the avocado a gentle squeeze, and it was just soft to your touch, as well as a deep dark green in color. Then you get home, cut into it, and it’s far from ideal; you spy brown patches scattered throughout its light green flesh. Then how do you distinguish a ripe avocado from an overly ripe or  bruised one? I saw this trick on Pinterest a couple years ago, and I’ve been using it ever since. By removing the brown, circular stem from the top of the avocado, you’ll have another tool in your arsenal to ensure you’ve found a perfectly ripe avocado. So easy and simple — like me, you’ll wonder why you never thought How to Find Ripe Avocados to do this before.


  • 1 avocado, just soft to the touch


  1. Simply remove the brown, circular stem from the top of the avocado.
  2. You’re looking for two things: a). how easily the stem comes off; and b). the color underneath the stem. See pictures below for color comparison.
    1. If the stem comes off easily, AND it’s green underneath, congrats — the avocado is ripe!
    2. If the stem is hard to remove, but also green underneath, the avocado will be ripe in 1-2 days.
    3. If the stem comes off easily, but it’s brown underneath the stem, the avocado is overly ripe and past its prime; it may have dark patches or bruises.
  3. Now cut into that perfectly ripe avocado and enjoy!


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