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Jump Headfirst into 2015


I don’t usually make a New Year’s Resolution, but this year it seemed appropriate, and I thought I’d share. What’s my resolution? A Lean, Clean & Green 2015. Has a nice ring to it, right? These are ideas I (mostly) already follow. Let’s be honest — I’m no saint when it comes to food. For the most part, I just try to be smart. These are not meant to be strict rules, more like gentle guidelines. They’re just a way to get a better, healthier and more energetic jump start on the new year, and you get to try something new in the process. Like Brussels sprout. Who knows? You may have been like me and swore off them for years until you tried them, and now you love them. Just remember: food’s fun! Let’s savor it together.

Hydration is Your Friend.

Water is fantastic. I like some good water with a lemon, with different fruit, herbs. I’m also a huge fan of green tea or herbal tea for a change in refreshments.

A Little Produce Never Hurt Anyone.

Fresh fruit and veggies will fill you up, but in a good way. Plus, The fiber keeps you full for longer. Try to eat fruits and vegetables with almost every meal or snack.

The Whole & Natural Way.

Try to avoid processed foods, like anything in a box, bag or package. The majority of food should be fresh. Opt for foods with ingredients you can actually pronounce or ones you can count on two hands. This also applies to whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, faro, oats, barley, couscous and/or wheat berries. Same for sugar — try natural sugar or sweetener like agave nectar, honey, coconut sugar and/or maple syrup.

Lean & Fat All in One.

Try lean protein like beans, legumes, edamame, and/or meat. Take a stab at healthy fats from nuts, vegetable oils, avocado, fish and oils; try to find oil where the name is the only ingredient like olive, avocado or coconut oil.

Less is More.

Try eating 3 moderately large main meals with 2-3 small snacks. That way you’re not starving, and you’re keeping your body nourished and balanced. Incorporate fats, carbs and protein in almost every meal.

Make Mistakes!

We’re all human! The more strict I was about food, the more poorly I did; it was so much less fun.  Don’t deprive yourself. That much is a no brainer. If you really want that chocolate cookie, just have one then. These are all just guidelines I’ve found work for me. See what works for you. Don’t forget that food’s fun! Why not savor it?

Cheers & Happy New Year!

xo Annie

Picture of Kale, Asparagus & Cherry Tomato Whole-Wheat Flatbread.

2 thoughts on “Jump Headfirst into 2015”

  1. Love your New Year’s resolution- well said! How did you learn so much already?!? It’s taken me 55 years to figure out Lean, Green and Clean! XxO


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