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Thoughts on a “Teatox”


I subjected myself to be the guinea pig for one of those tea detoxes or a “teatox.” Ok,”subjected” isn’t quite the right word. I was curious. I volunteered faster than Katniss in the Hunger Games. The teatoxes and tea cleanses are all over Instagram and Pinterest these days, and people are raving about the benefits and #TransformationTuesday. So I thought, why not? I’d like to think I already eat and exercise quite well, and maybe this detox is the boost I need after the fourth of July. A 14 day or a 28 day regimen sounded too daunting. An 8 day teatox from Skinny Me Tea sounded just right like, “Yeah, I can definitely try this.”  Here’s the idea of the teatox and my musings from Trying a Tea Detox: drink 2-3 cups of tea daily for one week.

  • Every Morning: drink 1 cup of their loose leaf oolong green tea
  • Every Afternoon: drink 1 cup of their herbal acai tea
  • Every Other Evening: drink 1 cup of their colon cleanse tea (and only 1 of the 4 bags were actually consumed)

What I do like about this teatox idea is that there’s an effort for a new lifestyle. I like the routine that’s promoted of drinking tea instead of coffee or other sources of caffeine. I’ve always enjoyed a cup of herbal tea after dinner before bed and now I have a new source of options to add to my growing tea selection. The teatox is also about clean eating and regular exercise, both of which are great lifestyle habits to strive for.

Bottom line: I think clean eating and exercise are enough. You don’t need a colon cleanse tea to do the trick. Does it give immediate results? Well yes, because your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients it needs. If you’re not completely regular after a weekend of heavy festivities, this may sound like an appealing way to jump-start your system. I personally don’t like the idea of this “cleanse” occurring for a 14 or 28 day period. One week was enough for me and even then, I omitted the every other night colon cleanse tea after trying the first one. I did feel “lighter,” more energetic and just ready for anything. (Was that the tea or was I just having a good week?)

Will I try Skinny Me Tea‘s other teas? Absolutely. I love their Acai tea and am already eyeing the complexion tea, the immune tea, the flower power tea . . . I just now know a teatox isn’t for me.


NOTE: This is not meant to supplement for medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider or dietician before starting a teatox. These are just my thoughts & musings!





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