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How to Slice Mango like a Pro


Cutting a mango may be a little intimidating, especially when it has that large pit in the center. With a sharp knife, it’s really quite easy. Once you have your perfectly sliced mango, top oats, smoothies bowls or tacos. Add to salads or salsa. Slice, prep and freeze servings for smoothies. Use for anything! Mangos are a great way to make a dish sweet without adding any extra sugar. Here’s a guide for How to Slice a Mango.


  • 1 mango
  • Sharp knife *
  • Cutting board
  • Spoon

* You really want a sharp knife!! Once cut, mangos are slippery. Make sure your knife is sharpened before beginning to avoid any kitchen mishaps or unwanted injuries.


  1. Select a ripe mango that just yields to light pressure — similar to a ripe peach or avocado.
  2. Place the mango on a cutting board, carefully holding the mango on its narrowest side. Brace the mango with your free hand like a “claw,” so hold the mango while curling your fingertips under your hand (and away from the blade).
  3. Slice one side and then the other. You should glide past the pit without any resistance. You should have about 1/4″ center slice, which contains the pit.
  4. You can either make a hedgehog cut or just slice it lengthwise. Scoop out either side with a spoon.
    • Hedgehog: holding a section with the skin palm-side down, make cuts lengthwise through the flesh without slicing through the skin. Do the same in the opposite direction to form cubes and make a hedgehog pattern. “Flip” the skin inward by gently pressing on the back. The cubes “pop out” and look like a hedgehog (see last photo).
      Note: this is how NOT to hold a mango (left photo). I only have one set of hands to cut and take photos, and I was trying to demonstrate how think the “core” piece should be. Please be careful!
  5. You can also slice around the core and remove the excess flesh around the pit. Again, use a spoon to separate the trimmings from the skin.
  6. Search here for recipes using mango.
  7. Enjoy!

When in doubt, here’s a step-by-step video from Martha Stewart.


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