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Welcome to East Cambridge, Bon Me!


Bon Me’s new East Cambridge store is so cute! Bon Me is a mix of food trucks and permanent restaurants throughout the greater Boston area serving delicious Vietnamese-inspired food. I was lucky enough to be invited to a store preview. Each table is decorated with succulents in colorful pots and dainty origami cranes with (fake) tea light candles. Weather permitting, there’s even an outdoor patio and seating area. With a few high tops and plenty of bench seating, the industrial, yet colorful inside was inviting, but to be honest, I was focused more on the food than the decor. I would most definitely get the Bon Me Bap Bowl, a vegetarian take on Korean Bibimbap bowls with pickled vegetables that seem surprisingly fresh. I’m a big fan of veggies and thought this was just enough of a balance. With my old roomie, Dee, as my guest, who’s also obsessed with Bon Me, we ate our way through their new menu, sipped Lamplighter beer and had a grand ol’ time for a Tuesday night. (If you enjoy local finds, check out more here.)

— Bon Me’s East Cambridge Grand Opening is October 19th! —

What We Tasted:

Bon Me Bap Bowl

  • Bon Me’s take on Korean Bibimbap with roasted soy and paprika tofu, a soft egg, pickled carrots and daikon, roasted savoy cabbage, enoki mushrooms, and baby kale topped with scallions and a spicy bibimbap sauce on the side to add heat to your liking.
    • I literally ate this all. (Minus the mushrooms, but I’ve never been a fan of mushrooms so I can’t put the blame on Bon Me.) I think I would gladly walk across the Longfellow (see last photo) or Science Museum Bridge for this; it might be my new go-to dish.
NOTE: the Bon Me Bap Bowl is exclusively at the East Cambridge location.


Dan Dan Noodle Bowl:

  • A ramen noodle bowl with Bon Me’s signature spice-rubbed chicken (you just have to try it) and a thick, savory dan dan sauce. Also made fresh with cilantro, savoy cabbage, bean sprouts and scallions.
    • Dee added sriracha, so it was spicy in a good way. I could see myself getting this on a cold, windy and snowy New England winter day.
NOTE: the Dan Dan Bowl is exclusively at the East Cambridge location.


Smashed Cucumber Salad:

  • Chopped and smashed cucumbers with sesame oil and spicy Thai chili oil.
    • Dee and I loved this. The bowls were kind of heavy and this was such a fresh side to have and cleanse the palate.


Coconut Chia Pudding (not pictured):

  • Chia seeds soaked in coconut milk
    • Dee doesn’t like chia seeds and even she kept going back. It was bursting with coconut flavor and not overly sweet. Like the cucumber salad, we thought this was another refreshingly nice side or dessert.

Lamplighter Lawyers, Guns and Honey IPA:

  • A citrusy, floral and honey IPA.
    • Not overly hoppy or too sweet, this local Cambridge brewery made a nice complement to Bon Me’s savory flavors.
Note: the East Cambridge location is the first to serve beer — coming soon November 2017!


Go visit Bon Me official open Thursday, October 19th!

— Located at 60 Binney St, Cambridge, MA —






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