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Going Green for This Cleansing Ginger Smoothie


Need some feel good food post St. Patrick’s Day boozing? This’ll do the trick, but don’t let the green fool you; there’s nothing that tastes “green” about this. Between midterms and feeling under the weather, I meant to post this on March 17th in honor of St. Patty’s Day, but . . . life — next thing, you know the weekend as flown by! I love this smoothie so much from Tone It Up‘s 5 Day Detox that I’ve incorporated the tweaked version into my weekly repertoire. I’d never have thought that adding a whole piece of peeled ginger root would blend as well as it does AND add such spicy flavor. If I don’t have coconut water, I add almond milk to the mix, and it turns out just find and a little creamier. Trust me: this Cleansing Ginger Smoothie is one you want to sip again and again.

Ingredients (serves 1).

  • 1/2” piece ginger root, peeled
  • Generous handful of baby spinach (or torn kale without stems)
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/3 c frozen mango
  • 2 T vanilla protein powder like LivWell (optional) *
  • 1 c coconut water (or swap for unsweetened almond milk)
  • Ice
* Please Note: I have received products from LivWell, but I only post recipes with things that I have made and loved myself. Sharing is caring, right? Use the code EDSR10 for 10% off.


  1. Toss everything in a blender and blend well. Add ice or more liquid as needed. Blender well until spinach and ginger are well incorporated.
  2. Pour into your favorite glass. Top with coconut flakes and ground ginger.
  3. Grab a straw and enjoy!

Adapted from Tone It Up‘s 5 Day Detox Plan.

Nutrition for 1 smoothie using coconut water and protein powder.
200 calories  •  1.6 g fat (7%)  •  36.3 g carbs (69%)  •  12.4 g protein (24%)  •  3 g fiber  •  24 g sugar
* These are estimates based off specific products I used and how I entered ingredients in a fitness tracker. This is completely subjective and used to give a rough nutritional estimate.





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