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Bountiful Brownies

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I hope everyone trusts me on this: these Fudgy Black Bean Brownies were surprisingly delicious — so simple and very delicious. They’re so dense, they’re almost like fudge. Our family friend, Cathy, has made black bean brownies before, and since she’s the queen of all things chocolate and desserts, I decided to give these a try. It’s worth using a brownie mix because you can substitute the eggs, oil and water for a can of pureed black beans. If you’re trying to eat vegan or are baking for vegan friends, this a great recipe to share with them. These brownies would even be a perfect snack for that chocolate craving you’re having. The black bean brownies are thick, extremely fudgy and dense, and almost guilt-free. (Not quite, but at least there’s added protein! Also great with pumpkin puree — Pumpkin Brownies. May sound weird, but you can’t knock them until you try them.)

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