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The New Classic Side


What a simple, easy, delicious side and most importantly, a new classic. This is one of the main recipes in my arsenal that I repeatedly use; it goes with anything and everything — substitute for pasta, pairs well with fish, chicken sausage, chicken, turkey meatballs . . . The Spicy Garlic Sautéed Kale & Spinach gives you some of your daily dose of greens and adds color and flavor to any plate. Can’t deny that, right?

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Eat More Kale


Kale is absolutely lovely — savory, hearty, earthy and versatile. That large spiny stem running down the middle of it is far from wonderful; it’s an added pain. Unless your recipe calls for the spine intact, such as a quiche, this way allows you to focus on the leaves and the best part of those leafy greens. While I show this “How to” with Dinosaur Kale (as known as Tuscan Kale for its prevalence in Italian cuisine), Curly Kale works just as well. Now you can really (and easily) eat more kale.

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