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Christmas Cut-Out Sugar Cookies for the Holidays

Sugar Cookies

Ok, so these aren’t healthy per se, but they are tradition. Every year, my mom and I would bake sugar cookies, spritz, dandies (a pecan shortbread dipped in powdered sugar) and a chocolate addition of sorts that varied year to year. The spritz and sugar cookies were always a constant. Such a constant that my cousin, Elizabeth, would eagerly await her Christmas plate every year and already be munching a cookie before the plate was fully in her hands. (Can you blame her?) I thought I’d share a holiday favorite — our Sugar Cookies and hope that your holidays are also filled with merriment, good fortune and cheer!

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Dessert, Vegetarian

Sprint into the Holidays with Spritzgebäck


“Spritzgebäck” or just “spritz” are a traditional German cookie, baked around the holidays. The cookies consist of flour, butter, sugar and eggs. My mom has always added almond extract for an added touch and a distinct twist on the classic cookie. For as long as I can remember, I’ve helped my mom baked these cookies, just as she helped my grandmother. The recipe itself is quite simple; it’s the work making perfectly “pressed” cookies that can be the challenge. While the recipe isn’t healthy, it’s a holiday recipe worth sharing — spritz are delicious. These Spritz Cookies are light, crunchy, buttery and bite-size, so it’s ok to indulge in one or two. Happy Holidays!

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